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Removing your private residential or mobile number from the database

All numbers listed at Telepest have been submitted by people who claim to have received unsolicited calls from them. Telepest makes no attempt to verify the truth of these claims (and, given the vast number of numbers in the database, it would be entirely impractical to do so). It is possible, therefore, that some numbers have been wrongly submitted. This could be for several reasons, including a simple typing error when adding the number, mistaking a wrong number for an intentional call or even deliberate misrepresentation.

Numbers that have not been submitted to us will have the status "This number is not in our database of possible telepests" when queried. This is the default status for any number that hasn't had any pest reports, so you don't need to request removal for these!

If you believe that your private residential or mobile number has had pest reports submitted in error, please fill in a removal form.

We aim to process all removals promptly, but please allow up to 7 days before repeating a request.

Numbers will only be removed if they are private residential or mobile numbers and we are asked to remove them by the owner of the number. We do not accept removal requests from third parties.

We do not remove business numbers from the database

If your business number is listed but is not actually a source of unsolicited calls, then you should submit a comment form explaining what the number is used for and rating it as a non-pest number (ie, give it a rating of "0" in the pest rating field). This is for your own benefit, as it will help to reduce complaints by other members of the public! If we can verify that a business number is not a telepest caller, then it will be logged as such and that information will be displayed if anyone searches for that number. This will help to reduce any further complaints about that number.

We do not, under any circumstances, remove numbers that have been verified as telepests.

Please note that, for data protection reasons, we do not store any details of people submitting numbers for inclusion in the database. We cannot, therefore, give you any information about who first submitted your number.